In The Footsteps Of A Pioneer – Ráðstefna á Leirubakka 5.-7. júní, 2009

Conference Held by the Scholarly Center in Leirubakki and Stavanger University Leirubakki, 5-7 June 2009 – In The Footsteps Of A Pioneer The European Historian Tormod Torfæus

Friday, 5 June.
Supper and Conference Opening:
Torgrim Titlestad, Board of Directors of the Scholarly Center.
Opening Lecture:
Jon Gunnar Jörgensen, Professor, Oslo University:  “Overview of Tormod’s Life and Work.”
Reception at the Hekla Center at Leirubakki hosted by the Torfæus Foundation (Torfæus Stiftelsen), and introduction to the foundation.  Address by Sigurd Aase,  Chairman.
Saturday, 6 June.
Heritage and intellectual environment in Iceland:  Icelandic studies, including history, literature, and natural conditions, before the days of Tormod— the works of Oddur Einarsson, Arngrímur the Learned, Brynjólfur Sveinsson, and others.
Terry Gunnell, Associate Professor, University of Iceland:  “Folk Belief and the Understanding of Reality in the 17th Century.”
Gunnar Harðarson, Senior Lecturer, University of Iceland:   “The Intellectual Milieu in Skálholt in the 17th Century.”
Margrét Eggertsdóttir, Literary Scholar and Research Professor, Árni Magnússon Institute of Icelandic Studies:  “Hallgrímur Pétursson and Tormod Torfæus:  Their Scholarly Friendship.”
Sigurður Steinþórsson, Geologist and Professor, University of Iceland:  “Conceptions of Nature in the 17th and 18th Centuries.”
Coffee Break
Tormod’s works and conditions in Scandinavia:  The history of Norway and views on the history of Iceland/the settlement of Iceland, the histories of the Danish kings, the Orkney Islands, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Vinland.
Annette Lassen, Literary Scholar, University of Iceland:  “The Study of Old Norse Antiquity in Scandinavia in the Eighteenth Century”
Valgerður Kr. Brynjólfsdóttir, MA in Icelandic Literature:  “Fornaldarsögur as Part of the History of Norway.  Tormod Torfason’s Retelling, Interpretation, and Search for Truth in Hrólfs saga kraka and other Sagas.”
Judith Jesch, Professor, University of Nottingham: “Torfæus and the Historiography of Scandinavian Scotland.”
Relations to Árni Magnússon:  methodology and dialogue with modernity.  Latin learning and the reception and influence of Tormod’s works in Europe.
Már Jónsson, Professor, University of Iceland:  “Torfæus, Thomas Bartholin and the Young Arnas Magnæus.”
Christina Lee, Lecturer in Viking Studies, University of Nottingham:  “Iduna’s Apples: The Torfæus Reception in Germany.”
Hans Eyvind Næss, Dr.Phil., Senior Advisor at the National Archive (formerly State Archivist in Rogaland):  “Tormod Torfæus:  European, Scientist, Defense Advocate, and Worldly Rogalander.”
Björn Nicholaysen, Professor, Stavanger University:  “Reception in France.”
Banquet at the Hekla Center in Leirubakki.
During the banquet a short dramatic piece on Tormod Torfæus will be performed.  Sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in Reykjavík.
Sunday, 7 June.
Sightseeing Trip to Klofi and Skálholt, with a 17th-century lunch at the Skálholt School dining room.
Walk to Gamli-Klofi, where remains of the farm and church walls can be seen (the farm was relocated in 1879 due to sandstorms).
Short visit to Skálholt under the guidance of Sigurður Sigurðsson, Suffragan Bishop.
Klofi was the home of Torfæus’ ancestor Torfi the Rich, and Torfæus was a student at Skálholt 1646-1654.
Lecture in Skálholt:
Dr. Torgrim Titlestad, Professor, Stavanger University:  “Silence Surrounding Tormod Torfæus in Recent Times.”
Conference closed.
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